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Hydroseb in Awans: Customised oil analysis

Continually innovating to serve our customers better.

Choose expertise!

Hydroseb provides its customers with efficient and sustainable solutions, as well as a quality service, with a special focus on speed and reliability.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we also offer customised oil analyses.

What are the benefits of regular oil analysis?

HS Analyse

We have found that machines that run on clean oil are more durable and efficient. Productivity is also increased due to reduced downtime.

Our goal is to determine the causes of wear or the presence of environmental contaminants in your oil so that we can intervene before more serious damage occurs.


What analyses are offered to you?

Spectroscopy analysis

Spectroscopy measures the levels of specific chemical elements present in oil and is performed on a series of basic elements such as silica, iron, copper, zinc, etc.

The list of elements can be expanded according to your needs.

Water content testing

The water content is indicated in % and in ppm.

For our analyses, we use an apparatus based on the "Aquatest" analytical technique standardised by:

  • ISO 9114: 1997,

  • the NF T60-640 standard: June 2018,

  • the GFC TR-40-A-14 method: December 2014.

TAN (Total Acid Number) testing

The acid number is indicated in mgKOH/g.

We use a lubricant acidity test kit derived from ASTM D974 for our analyses.

Viscosity testing

Kinematic viscosity is indicated in centistokes (cSt).

The oil is tested at a temperature of 40° (ASTM D445).

Particle counting

The insoluble particle count is done by laser sensor and indicates the efficiency of the filtration system.

The purity class expressed follows the ISO 4406 standard.
You will also get the results according to the NAS1638/AS4059E-1 and AS4059E-2 classes.

Pour toute question concernant nos analyses d’huiles, prenez contact avec notre équipe à Awans !

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