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Actuators, maintenance, pump and motor repairs and oil testing to suit your needs

Workshop dedicated to hydraulics

The Liège based company Hydroseb, in Awans, is your expert in hydraulics. Our workshop can take care of all your hydraulic equipment needs. Call us!



We are equipped with all the essential tools for your actuators. 

Our address is essential for all the hydraulic actuators you need (up to 10 m long and weighing up to 15 tonnes):

Honing tubes

(up to a length of 5 m and a diameter of 1000 mm)


Repairs with a guarantee

Chrome plating of rods
(takes 1 week)

With our test beds, you are guaranteed to get your actuator back in perfect condition.


Maintenance and monitoring

Entretien et surveillance

Because our trucks are fitted with a mobile workshop, we can come to your company in the shortest possible time to repair a breakdown or to help you avoid certain problems. 

Furthermore, we also offer a range of maintenance contracts:

Daily rate



Implementation of new plant



You can also count on us to maintain a stock of spare parts and oil.

Pump and motor repairs

Réparations de pompes et de moteur

No pump or motor holds any secrets for us, whatever the brand. 

Our knowledge enables us to guarantee a sustainable and fast repair. 

With our testing station, we will even test your pumps (up to 250 cc) and your motors ourselves.

Oil analysis tailored to your needs

A machine that runs on clean oil, is more durable and more efficient. 

Our company therefore offers you a range of oil analyses tailored to your needs:

Water test

Tan test


Spectro test

Interested in our expertise? Get in touch with us today!

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